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Explore the Tech Film section to discover all the applications, from transfer printing to printable films to flexible electronic circuits, of our polyester films with different surface treatments.
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  • Prepress Films

    Polyester films, specifically for pre press applications or film substitutes for screen-printing and flexo originals.
  • Transfer Films

    A highly specialised range of polyester films, treated to be used as carriers in the transfer of screen printed or digitally printed images on textile. Our THERMACROM line guarantees high printing quality and precise, efficient release, suitable for even the most advanced production requirements and demanding markets
  • Printable Films

    Polyester films treated to be printed with different technologies: from offset to screen printing to digital inkjet, laser and indigo printing
  • Films for Electronics

    An innovative and exclusive range of films dedicated to the flexible electronics market. It includes PET films treated for the adhesion of conductive and/or decorative inks and PU films with stretching or thermoforming characteristics, for the production of electronic circuits used in automotive, aerospace, household appliances and smart textile.

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