Who we are
A company, a family, a team

A company, a family, a team

We were born as a Company in 1949, when our founder, Giorgio Bisutti, and his wife Laura decided to open the “Policromatica” – very soon renamed as Policrom. Since then we have been involved in printing and our name is still a trusted reference in the graphic industry. We think and act global and we talk in many languages. We deal with printing in all its diverse applications: commercial, packaging, transfer, and industrial. We work with a team of people who deeply share the values of commitment, service, quality, and continuous improvement. Such strong sense of togetherness has broken the boundaries and included us all within the same family. Meanwhile, the Bisutti family itself has grown, to include the next generations: our president Ario, son of the founder; his children, our Managing Directors Federica and Giorgio; and Ario, son of Giorgio, sales director for the US subsidiary.

A historic brand

This logo has been our Company’s trademark since the very beginning. Made of eight circles ideally distributed along a cross, the creative idea came from the graphic designer Giancarlo Casorati in 1970, who took inspiration from the Policrom interferential Register Mark
The Policrom Interferential Register Mark, composed of four elements with concentric circles and a central cross, is based on the Moiré effect, allowing high-precision visual checks in pre-press and printing. It was developed in 1970 by Emilio Gerboni, who was Policrom’s marketing director until he retired and became a key reference point as a Graphic Industry consultant.

About us

We are a company, and we are a family. We are proud of our brand, our work, our international presence, our people. We want to make a difference through our care and attention to customer needs, along with our passion for technical innovation and product quality.

Research and production

In collaboration with our technical partners, we develop solutions to meet market needs at best. We stand by our customers whenever needed, to optimize the use of our products, or study specific solu-tions for their requirements, or design new solutions together with them. At our Carvico production facility, we convert rolls and sheets, creating products tailored to fit our customer needs.
Range and global distribution

Range and global distribution

We study, develop and market consumable products for offset printing, commercial printing and packaging, as well as for heat transfer printing on textile, for printed electronics and for more indus-trial printing applications. Our range of materials spans from non-woven cleaning cloths to polyure-thane coating plates and treated polyesters for several graphic and industrial applications. We serve the global market through our subsidiaries in Carvico (BG) in Italy, Philadelphia in the United States, Shanghai in China, and São Paulo in Brazil.

Quality Policy and ISO Certification

The purpose of the following Policy is to guide the company towards the continuous improvement of its performance in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, while simultaneously aiming for Customer satisfaction.

The objective of adopting a quality management system in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 is to have a management system that fosters continuous corporate improvement with increasing:

  • Customer and market satisfaction in relation to their needs;
  • Competitiveness relative to competitors in an increasingly demanding market;
  • Satisfaction of stakeholders (owners, collaborators, customers, suppliers, etc.) in relation to their expectations;
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of business processes;
  • Appropriateness to the goals and context of Policrom, supporting its strategic directions;
  • Response, through appropriate actions, to the impacts that climate change has on business processes and the impact that the company itself has on the environment, considering these aspects in the analysis of its corporate context and in stakeholders’ expectations.

The implementation of this Policy requires that processes be monitored over time, also through numerical and measurable indices, some of which will be compared with reference objectives determined by the Management itself and agreed upon with the Heads of each corporate Function.

It is necessary that this Policy be implemented, disseminated, and understood among all those who can contribute to its realization, and that everyone actively participates through proposals and suggestions for the constructive improvement of corporate performance.

Management commits to:

  • Providing and developing the necessary resources and technical, economic, and human skills to ensure the execution of business processes in accordance with planned requirements and reference standards;
  • Ensuring a work environment that respects the safety and rights and duties of all stakeholders;
  • Periodically verifying the effectiveness and application of the Quality Management System in relation to corporate objectives, market needs, reference requirements, and through certification by an internationally accredited and recognized body;
  • Ensuring compliance with and application of binding and/or sector-specific regulations, aware of the importance of adhering to the suggested requirements, with direct feedback in the performance of its activities.

Corporate policies related to specific areas deemed improvable are discussed and updated as needed in specific meetings with the involved Responsible parties, and in any case, during Management review sessions.

Specific correction or improvement objectives are updated and verified at least through the Management Review process.

It is highlighted that the proper functioning of the Management System and its improvement requires the direct commitment and active involvement of everyone in a preventive and continuous improvement perspective.

Certification ISO 9001:2015