The History
A history that
begins in 1949

Institutional Profile

Since 1949, Policrom Screens has been a leading player in the international graphic market. The company has continuously renewed its product range, expanded its customer base, and offered innovative solutions to the market. Policrom has focused on the technical development of its products and, thanks to its ability to innovate processes and business thinking, it has created unique products for which several patents have been filed.


Policrom's success is based on the experience and values that have characterized its long history. From the very beginning, founder Giorgio Bisutti recognized the opportunity of a patent on crystal screens, establishing a highly innovative company. Later on, the Bisutti family fully utilized the potential of the product by creating a global network with distributors worldwide. The company's development has been built on values such as flexibility, service orientation, attention to quality, and the ability to quickly adapt to market changes, which have always characterized the work of the company's sales team.

The People

A particular focus has always been placed on people, exemplified by the case of Mr. Franco Agostoni. He has been alongside the founder and his son, Ario Bisutti, since the early days. Through a remarkable blend of personal qualities and company support, he has become the technical backbone of the company and continues to support Federica and Giorgio Bisutti, the current leaders of the company. In recent years, special attention has been given to acquiring new resources that combine technical expertise with enthusiasm and a drive to make a difference.

Products and Processes

The history of the products also testifies to the effectiveness of the company's strategies, which are based on in-depth study of user needs and solid technical-production expertise that has led to the development of innovative solutions. Examples can be found in the Poli-cloth non-woven range, the Fogra-tested rubber washing cloth, as well as unique products such as special cores with anti-slip systems and the revolutionary self-impregnating roll, which overcomes and resolves all issues related to pre-impregnated solvent rolls. The company's specialization also extends to a range of treated polyesters, including unique products such as Polijet 3D and Polijet 3D RS films, which are ink-jet printable and capable of transferring graphics onto three-dimensional objects with the highest quality, even on irregular and articulated shapes. From research and development to packaging personnel, Policrom's production department stands out for its ability to combine the efficiency and quality of industrial standardization on one hand, and the flexibility, service, and customer focus that are characteristic of a lean, dynamic, and family-run company. The company has been ISO 9000 certified for many years.

Numbers for the Future

Policrom Screens has already established a subsidiary in the United States and a second subsidiary in Shanghai. It is also looking at the BRIC markets for further market expansion. Global competition is potentially a great opportunity for a company like Policrom Screens, which has always been active in foreign markets (75% of its turnover comes from outside Italy, with presence in over 100 countries and over 600 distributors worldwide). The company pays great attention to international market rules and envisions a future full of projects aimed at maximizing service and optimizing the price/quality ratio for printers on a global level.