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Browse the pages dedicated to the world of Offset Print to discover the full range of wash cloths, coating plates , plate and blanket cylinder shimming solutions, and all other ancillary products, such as plate cover blades and chemicals.
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  • Washcloth

    The widest range of washcloth: 6 nonwovens for blanket cleaning plus 2 more, specific for impression cylinders. They come in jumbo rolls and in over 200 miniroll types, dry or pre-impregnated with solvent, for printing press models
  • Varnishing

    POLISPOT is a line of varnishing plates, manufactured with a proprietary multi-layer technology, combining polyurethane materials and other polymers. The range also includes POLISPOT RUBBERTOP and POLICOAT, an adhesive plate for off-line varnishing.
  • Underpacking

    We offer the right underpacking product for every print quality requirement: the POLIPACK range of calibrated underpacking polyesters, our line of calibrated paper and our innovative ULTRAPACK with a soft polyurethane layer.
  • Accessories

    Auxiliary products designed for specific needs: ink duct foils for Heidelberg with CPC system; accessories for the assembly of ink duct foils and some niche chemical products, such as anti set-off powder and specific cleaners for anilox varnishing cylinders.

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