Film for Object Decoration

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Thermally formable film for the decoration of three-dimensional objects

POLIJET 3D, developed for the decoration of threedimensional objects, is highly termoformable and grants perfect adhesion to any object; the 3D treatment holds the ink and releases it without altering the image resolution.



  • Thanks to its thermoformability it grants perfect adhesion to objects with irregular shapes and with narrow slits, unlike transfer paper
  • Thanks to the digital printing technique it grants excellent printing results on details and flexibility in use, when compared to pad printing


The line includes:
POLIJET 3D, 200 mic. thickness
POLIJET 3D RS, the RS treatment is specially designed to minimize the presence of air bubbles during the vacuum process

They are designed with a proprietary technology for the transfer of any graphic image onto any 3D object, using 3 steps:
The image is first printed onto the film
The printed film is inserted in a frame, heated (with an industrial IR or convection oven) until soft and then adhered onto the object (by vacuum application)
The film-wrapped object is heated up to 160 C° to activate the image transfer (by sublimation) onto its surface.

POLIJET 3D is a range of metallized, thermoformable PET film, specifically treated (grey side) for printing and transfer of sublimation inks. It uses ink-jet printing technology and a sublimation transfer technique that applies heat and vacuum.
It is compatible with Nylon, PET and Corian, and can be used with any heat-resistant (min 140°) material, previously coated with a PET-based coating

POLIJET 3D 200 provides a snug fit to the object even in the presence of sharp edges and asperity
POLIJET 3D RS is particulary suitable to ensure good vacuum

The Polijet films are available in rolls of 40 meters, and in boxes of 100 sheets in the standard widths indicated in the table

ROLL297 mm x 40 m76 mm
ROLL400 mm x 40 m76 mm
ROLL410 mm x 40 m76 mm
ROLL600 mm x 40 m76 mm
SHEET (100/box)ROLL210 mm x 297 mm-
SHEET (100/box)297 mm x 420 mm-

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